For Endodontists and Dentists

Endodontic residents, endodontists, and other dentists sometimes have unique training needs.  Experienced endodontists may just now be wishing to transition to using a microscope for endodontics to improve their comfort.  General dentists doing endodontics or other procedures involving a microscope may just be starting with a microscope or experienced microscopic dentists may just want advice on coordinating movements with their assistants.   Even recent endodontic residency graduates are often not acclimated to using the microscope for the entire procedure or with a properly trained assistant. If we don’t offer the right training in-house, we will be happy to refer you to the right class or trainer.

For Dental Assistants

We offer training for your dental assistants in endodontic assisting.  Send your dental assistant to us and save the headache of training an assistant to assist ergonomically with the microscope.