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X2 Premium Assistant Chair

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The seat and lumbar support of the X2 Premium Assistant Chair gives your assistant the proper posture and support to reliably assist you in comfort all day long. The tilting mechanism, the seat height, the seat depth and the height of the lumbar support are all easily adjustable by the handles on the side. The settings of the chair are not affected by the weight or the height of the user, which makes for an extremely versatile chair for multiple users in the clinic.

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Product Description

The X2 Premium Assistant Chair is designed to prevent and reduce lower back and neck complaints. The small size of the lumbar support allows for maximum freedom of movement. It fits into the lumbar curve where support is most needed to maintain an upright, natural posture during procedures. The seat with it’s tapered shape provides an anatomical platform for the pelvis, supporting a relaxed curvature of the spine and reducing fatigue during long days and procedures. Because the seat shape, you don’t have to sit on the edge of your chair in able to have your knees lower than your hips. It is critical that the knees remain lower than the hips for proper ergonomic alignment and pelvis placement. All of these features work together to help you give your assistant the best start towards a long pain-free career absent of back, neck, and hip problems.

The assistant arm adjusts vertically and horizontally as desired for the best support. The foot ring is adjustable to fit the height of your assistant.