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X1 Premium Microsurgery Chair / Stool

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An ergonomically correct and supremely adjustable microsurgery chair that can accommodate doctors from 4'6″; to over 6'6″ tall. With the support arms, it is an ideal microsurgery stool for procedures under the microscope. Perform additional and longer procedures more comfortably than ever before. Extend your work day and even your career by practicing in comfort.


If you are unsure of your necessary seat height, try using a short chair and adding books to place yourself at approximately the right height for your normal patient placement. The regular size will accommodate most users.

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Product Description

Our microsurgery chair improves your posture during procedures naturally. The tilt angle of the seat along with the adjustable curved edge reduces pressure on the legs while allowing for an optimum angle between the legs and pelvis during the work day. Doctors are able to do more procedures while maintaing better leg circulation and optimum lumbar curvature to help prevent back pain and injuries.

Many of our clients attribute this microsurgery chair to allowing them to perform more procedures per day without the pain and stiffness their previous chairs caused. The microsurgery stool was designed based on sound ergonomic principles by a physical therapist and ergonomics expert. The adjustable from curved edge allows adjustment by the doctor using a convenient button on the side. This adjustable curve allows you to position yourself closer to the patient without losing the lumber support provided by the back rest. The knees remain several inches below the hips in this position decreasing the acuity of the angle between the thighs and spine. The backrest gently cradles the back encouraging proper posture for correct lumbar and thoracic curvature.

The X1 microsurgery chair is available in small, regular, and large sizes to accommodate doctors of any height. The small chair cylinder adjusts from 17.5″-21″ (Distance from top of cushion to floor) The regular cylinder adjusts from 19″-26.5″. The large cylinder adjusts from 21.5″-28″. We have had a number of shorter or smaller-framed doctors tell us that this is the only chair they found that allows them to adjust it comfortably to their bodies. We can even make changes to the chair to allow it to adjust even lower that 17.5″ if necessary, please call and discuss your needs with us. Additionally the large cylinder with a reduced curve setting can accommodate users over 7′ tall. Competing microsurgeon stools without size options and the adjustable front curvature do not successfully accommodate these users.

The X1 microsurgery chair is available in a range of upholstery colors that are approved for healthcare use. The non-porous material is easy to clean, waterproof, anti-microbial, flame retardant, and durable.