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Seiler Evolution xR6 Dental Surgical Microscope

$14,995.00 $14,485.00

Includes the 0-220 binocular head

The Seiler Evolution xR6 offers endodontists and demanding general dentists one of the best dental operating microscopes available anywhere. Why is the XR6 the best choice in a dental microscope? It's combination of quality, features, and value is unmatched by any microscope. This microscope comes from the optical experts at Seiler in St. Louis, Missouri. The Evolution offers 6 steps of magnification from a great wide-field 2X view to an extreme 19X. The xR6 comes standard with a brilliantly bright fully adjustable LED light source with the LEDs built into the actual microscope head. So only a led power connection cable runs from the microscope head to the control box, and you no longer must rely on fragile and expensive fiberoptic cables.

The new xR6 uses an brand new optical path design of all apochromatic lenses made from german glass, resulting in a microscope you can use for long periods without eye strain. A new gas piston arm design is longer than before for better reach, and our customers are relieved to get rid of the bounce found in spring arm microscope supports.

With a lifetime warranty on the optics and mechanics, the best optics available, stable and easy positioning, and great support, the xR6 is simply the best choice in dental microscopes.

Camera, Video, and Assistant Packages
If you wish to order more than one of the camera/video/assistant packages, for example you would like a camera and assistant scope, then the price will be reduced because only one beamsplitter is needed. We have many options for camera, video, and assistant viewing that we'd be happy to talk to you about. 417-355-9000

xR6 Dental Microscope Specifications
6-step magnification turret (2.3x, 3.2x, 5x, 8.2x, 12.8x, 19x)
250mm Objective Lens is standard (175mm-400mm or variable zoom available)
0-220 Binocular Head
10x Wide Field Eyepieces (12.5x and 20x also available)
LED Illumination System: 80,000 LUX
True Coaxial through-the-lens illumination
Standard Counterbalance System
Live Video and Digital Camera Accessories Available
Lifetime Warranty on Optics and Mechanics

Viewing Head

The 0-220 head now comes standard with all of our dental microscopes.

Light Source


Objective Lens

Call us for advice on choosing the best size objective for your height and working distance.

Camera Package

These packages include a beamsplitter and camera adapter, but not the camera itself. We’d be happy to talk to you about what cameras we have found work best. 417-355-9000

Video Package

These packages include a beamsplitter and the camera adapter. These cameras are CCD video camera suitable for continuous use.

Assistant Package

This package includes the 3D assistant observer, 0-220 binocular head, and 10x eyepieces. A beam splitter is necessary if you don’t have one already from adding a camera.

This option may require a particular beam splitter which may or may not be included in your microscope package depending on the camera and video packages selected. Please call us for more details 417-355-9000

Rotation / Extender Device

This extends the doctors body further from the microscope pod, allowing better flexibility in angling the microscope toward the doctor. The rotation part of the device allows axial rotation. Most of our doctors who try it, love it.

Pantographic Arm Length

The length of arm required will depend on your operatory layout if you are mounting it. We can have someone come out and measure your operatory, or tell you over the phone based on measurements that you can take for us.