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Seiler iQ Dental Surgical Microscope

$8,995.00 $8,789.00

The Seiler iQ dental surgical microscope is the 3-step model of dental microscope. Like all Seiler dental surgical microscopes, the IQ from the optical experts in St. Louis at Seiler Instruments. We recommend the iQ to general dentists new to the microscope who have price as their main priority, but still want a top quality scope with good glass that will prevent eyestrain. The Seiler IQ is the lowest priced quality scope available that still has an excellent warranty and support.

The main disadvantage our doctors face with the iQ is that the lowest magnification step on the 3 step microscopes is higher than the lowest magnification step on 6 step models. So for an endodontist, general dentist, or other specialist that will use the microscope for every procedure, we would recommend the xR6. The wider field of view available with the xR6 is advantageous for viewing an entire quadrant at once. Not all doctors plan to use their microscope for every procedure, so if you plan on only using the microscope in procedures like occasional the occasional RCT, cutting crown margins, looking for cracks, then the IQ will work great for you. If you use the microscope for every procedure or want maximum flexibility, we suggest the xR6.

One of the great things about purchasing the IQ is that most accessories that you purchase are compatible on both the IQ and xR6 microscopes. We do have trade-in programs available if you purchase the IQ and later decide to upgrade to the xR6.

We'd be happy to answer your questions or arrange a demo in your office. Just give us a call at 417-355-9000.


Scope Specs:
3 Step Magnification Turret: 4.2X, 7X, 11X
Standard 0-220º Inclinable Binocular Head
Standard Objective lens 250mm (175mm-400mm Available or the variable objective)
10x Wide Field Eyepieces (12.5x and 16x Available)
Apochromatic Lenses
Counterbalanced, Gas Piston Pantographic Arm
LED Illumination System: 80,000 LUX (Optional: Plasma)
Coaxial through-the-lens illumination
Easily maneuverable optical head with tension control knobs and handles
Live video and digital camera options available
Lifetime Warranty on Optics and Mechanics

Camera Packages
The Camera Package includes what you need to add a camera to your microscope to record photographs or short videos for patient records, education, lectures, articles, insurance documentation, and more. The package includes a 50/50 Beam Splitter and Camera Adapter. The packages do not include cameras.

Video Packages
The Video Package includes everything needed to view live images on a tv or monitor during the procedure. The package includes a 50/50 Beam Splitter, video camera adapter, and a high resolution CCD Color Camera.

Made in USA

Viewing Head

New! The 0-220 head is now standard!

Light Source


Objective Lens

Call us for advice on choosing the best size objective for your height and working distance.

Camera Package

These packages include a beamsplitter and camera adapter, but not the camera itself. We’d be happy to talk to you about what cameras we have found work best. 417-355-9000

Video Package

These packages include a beamsplitter and the camera adapter. These cameras are CCD video camera suitable for continuous use.

3D Assistant Observer Head

This package includes the 3D assistant observer, 0-220 binocular head, and 10x eyepieces. A beam splitter is necessary if you don’t have one already from adding a camera.

Extender / Rotation Device

The extender / rotation device allows for extra extension away from the patient and allows the microscope to be axially rotated. Once they try it, most dentists say it’s indispensable.