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Assistant-Head-on-Dental-Scope3d assistant observer

3D Assistant Observer

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Once you experience how amazing your assistant becomes with an assistant microscope head, you won't ever use a microscope without one again. Over and over again, our assistants and dentists don't realize that the assistant scope is so integral to the 4-handed dentistry ideals that they've been chasing for so many years. The assistant starts learning so much and better predicting the flow of the procedure that even the best assistants are surprised by the improvements in speed.

The assistant observer requires a second binocular head, the 0-220 is recommended.

Binocular Head for 3D Assistant Observer

The Assistant Observer requires a binocular head as shown in the photography above. We recommend the 0-220 head for it. If you have changed your 0-180 head out for a 0-220 head in the past, then you can select none and use your old 0-180 head on the assistant side.